Audiobooks -- A Surprisingly Significant Part of the Infinite Dial

When one has time to really listen to audio -- whether while driving or perhaps at home -- for years one option has been listening to books-on-tape or "audiobooks".  

Recently we at Edison were privileged to be tapped by the Audio Publishers Association to perform a national survey about audiobooks.  The results showed that listening to these long-form stories is more prevalent than many might suspect.

Our national survey of adults 18 and older showed that 55 million people have listened to an audiobook in the last year.  And 41% of adults told us they have listened to an audiobook at some point.  Usage is surprisingly spread across age, sex, and ethnicity groups. 

Over the next weeks we will be releasing more information from our study.  But when one thinks of all the aspects of audio today -- don't forget long-form stories as a piece of that world.  And if you haven't checked out audiobooks lately -- consider it.  A book well-read by some of the amazing readers who are out there can be a truly transporting experience.