Here Comes Hollywood

In November, as the media frenzy over "Serial" was catching steam, I was interviewed by CNBC about the phenomenon.  You can read this excellent article here.  

Down at the bottom you'll find a comment I made to the reporter:  "For Edison Research's Rosin, what was 'hugely significant' about 'Serial' was the interest from 'Hollywood and the creative classes.' That, he said, is where the innovation - and money - was."

Sure enough -- this week brought the announcement from Discovery Networks that it is planning its own crime-related podcast for its Investigation Discovery network.  You can read about this announcement in this article from Adweek.  

Humorously, the Discovery exec who announced it, Henry Schleiff said: "I think we were all surprised by the amount of press and attention -- and indeed some of the viewership or 'soundship' -- that the podcast got."  Let me help you out there Mr. Schleiff -- maybe go with "listenership."

While their plans aren't yet fully baked, there is an intriguing mention of television or web-based tie-ins. The podcast roll continues -- and it will be fascinating to see if video-based story tellers can successfully master the audio medium.