From NAB/R&R: Slowly, HD-2's Role As A Youth Medium Emerges

Written Sep. 28, 2007 by Sean Ross in HD Radio with 2 Comments

On numerous occasions over the last year, it has been suggested that one of the most obvious solutions to HD Radio's problems in creating valid multicast channel content and radio's overall 12-24 crisis might be to just turn the HD-2 stations over to those darn kids--college students, in the spirit of the late '60s/early '70s development of FM Rock radio.

In the halls at NAB/R&R this week, the stories of the broadcasters who have actually done that are finally starting to pile up, and not just Greater Media's much-publicized WRIF-2 (Riff 2) Detroit, but also its Boston station, Radio You, heard on WBOS Boston's HD-2 channel since May. Then there's Bonneville's indie rock iChannel--the one successful national HD-2 service that anybody could name at yesterday's panel, "HD Programming: The New Frontier."

Also on that panel were Delmarva Broadcasting's Cynthia Morgan and Andy Mussaw, PD of WSTW Wilmington, Del.'s HD-2 modern rock channel Graffiti Radio. Graffiti had begun as a project of the under-30s at Delmarva, Morgan told the panel audience. Now, it's being syndicated to other stations for use on their side-channels.

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1  Harry Legg on September 28, 2007 6:11 PM

I have to mention Clear Channel's Pride Radio. It's on HD-2 in 14 markets and definitely fills a large audience niche - especially in markets such as LA, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, West Palm and Dallas. I Program the station on a national level and local markets can customize. We get positive responses from both gay and straight listeners. Musically, it is appealing to both and we are continually expanding the content. Anyone can create a jukebox - we are creating a lifestyle station that will hopefully create a bond with listeners when they discover the station. It is definitely a product that you can't find on the regular FM dial. You can hear Pride Radio online, too. Choose the HD channel listings on Clear Channel station websites to check it out.

2  Brendan on October 16, 2007 11:43 AM

I just got my HD radio from Walmart recently and the first station that I locked in is the iChannel. Killer sounds from bands that get it. Now, I get it. Ichannel is locked in on two presets just in case I forget which one itis.
thanks Ichannel!! keep it up.

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