The Podcast Consumer Revealed - Edison's First Podcast!

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PodcastDemos.010-001We are all very excited about our first foray into the podcasting arena, with a 35-minute presentation entitled (appropriately enough) “The Podcast Consumer Revealed.” The data presented in this study is taken from our most recent Arbitron/Edison study, and is the first major, publicly available source of data on podcast listeners. I presented this data first at the Corporate Podcasting Summit in San Francisco, but now it is available here for the first time.

I thought about re-recording the audio and giving the slides a “proper” narration, but decided to preserve the spirit of the event itself, warts, bad jokes and all. This was a great piece of research, and was extremely well-received by the folks at the conference. I will post some more tidbits about this over the next few days, but one of the more interesting findings to me was the fact that the folks who have ever listened to a podcast in this study, while they are major ad/spam/pop-up blockers, are just as likely to click on relevant advertising as anyone else. So you can certainly advertise to these folks--you just can't run a bunch of unwelcome jive by them. Bad news for the interruption model, as previously noted, but good news for targeted advertising for good products and services.

You will need iTunes or some other podcast player to watch this, and you will also want to expand the slide window as large as you can, since the data will be hard to read if you watch it on a Nano! The slides will show up in the image viewer in iTunes, but you can also download the PDF and follow along at your convenience. Both are available at Edison's home page.

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