Educating HD Radio's "Sales Force"

Written Jul. 17, 2006 by Anthony Acampora in HD Radio with 0 Comments

HD Radio has the potential to not only give listeners new formats, but also to take endangered formats and keep them alive by moving them to secondary channels. For all this to work, however, we have to do a better job educating our "sales force"

For example, recently I visited one of the large electronic retailers and asked them if they had HD radios for sale. The salesperson looked at me as if I had no idea of what I was talking about. They thought I was talking about satellite radio. It made me instantly realize that if HD Radio is going to make any headway against the new media platforms, it is going to have to start first by making sure the big retailers are not only carrying the product, but ensuring that the staffs at these retailers are educated on the product.

The recent Arbitron/Edison study about price point is also key. XM and Sirius have done aggressive marketing to promote their product – and terrestrial broadcasters must do the same. We need to make it reasonable on a cost level for the consumer – but we also need to do more than deliver a jukebox.

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